Jewel Ember Ring Candle


These pure soy candles with a rose gold lid feature a random sterling silver ring, wrapped in foil and buried in the wax of the candle! Burn the candle down, use tweezers to carefully remove the ring pack, and unwrap it to unveil your real new silver ring!

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The rings in our candles are unique because they are all from Black Dog Jewelers, a jewelry store located in Lewisburg, PA, and each are made with sterling silver (or gold if you get really lucky!), so they can be sized to fit any finger. Ring sizing is not included, but Black Dog Jewelers is offering sizing services at a low rate.

The gemstones used in the rings vary between sparkling Brilliant Embers, semi-precious, or precious if you are really lucky.

Because each ring is made with at least sterling silver, the MSRP of the rings range from $39 to $199, with the rare chance of being worth more.

Many of the rings are featured from Black Dog Jewelers 2022 and 2023 online collections, so if you are familiar with their rings, you know that they are top quality.

Each candle is made from 100% pure soy wax and has a real ring wrapped in foil hidden inside the wax! The rings are random, but many are featured from the Black Dog Jewelers 2021 and 2022 online collections.

Made by Black Dog Jewelers in Milton, PA.

11oz pure soy wax (50-60 hour burn)

We also use extra fragrance in our candles, so the scent throw is robust.

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